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Real Time Manufacturing Services

Bossard's Real Time Manufacturing Services is a online platform where you can get a real-time price and delivery time for your turning and milling parts.

At Bossard we have many years of experience in sourcing parts and components in Eastern Europe and Asia, and with this new tool you can quickly and easily get a quote and order components for your prototype or first product series online.

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 Upload a drawing

You upload your drawing into the system - i.e. a CAM or CAD file - and enter additional information about the part, such as material selection and surface treatment.

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The program will immediately calculate a price and a delivery time for you.

You can now accept the offer and order your items.


We produce turning and milling parts in a range of metals and plastics:


Steel and steel alloys


Stainless steel













Production methods

CNC turning

CNC turning

Turning can be used to produce symmetrical parts in most machinable metals and plastics. Turning is used, for example, to produce cylinders, rollers, shafts, balls, etc.

Turning is carried out on a modern CNC-controlled machine with high efficiency. With CNC turning, you get very precise parts at competitive prices. We manufacture parts with the following dimensions with RMS:

Length: 1-1000 mm

Diameter: from Ø 2 mm to Ø 200 mm

CNC milling

CNC milling

Milling can be used to produce parts in most machinable metals and plastics. Milling can be used to produce asymmetrical parts, parts with grooves, slots and other forms of indentations, parts with milled threads and much more.

Milling is carried out on 4- and 5-axis CNC machines with high precision and high efficiency with the following dimensions:

Length: up to 500 mm

Width: up to 700 mm

Height: up to 300 mm

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Prototype or first product series

Bossard's Real Time Manufacturing Services is the ideal platform when you need to manufacture turning or milling parts for your prototype or first product series.

The platform is specifically designed to provide up-to-date and competitive prices and delivery times for small batches of items.

When developing new products, speed is an important factor, and with RMS you minimize waiting time both in the quotation process and during delivery.

Read more about RMS here.

Serial production

If you need to produce larger batches of parts made by turning or milling, Bossard can also help you with this.

We have a large network of qualified suppliers on the global market who can produce medium and large series of your critical items at competitive prices.

In addition to turning and milling, we can also offer parts produced by other machining methods, such as punching and extrusion. With Bossard as your supplier, you get a reliable partner who can guide you safely through your entire sourcing project.

Read more about serial production of special parts here.

Industries we work with

We deliver components to thousands of manufacturing companies worldwide.

We work with companies in a wide range of sectors, and we cater in particular to the following industries:


Electrical industry


Machinery industry


Medical industry


Robotics industry


Energy sector


Furniture industry

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