Wire Management Solutions


Wire Management Solution


At Bossard, we believe that our holistic view, Proven Productivity, is key to getting ahead with you, through developing solutions that are more efficient and cost-effective. 

The evolution of equipment technologies brings about increasing complexities over the years. Repetitive repairs and increased operational costs often overshadow the benefits of proper cable and wire management in the routing of systems and control panels. Bossard cable and wire management solutions are engineered to meet your most demanding requirements, withstanding the harshest of environmental conditions.

Implementing wire management solutions on a surface level provides a better aesthetical look. The lack of wire management solutions leads to inefficient system maintenance, high cable turn-over, and airflow issues that lead to heat-related damages to equipment. From high-quality cable ties to wiring ducts, spiral wraps, and cable glands and lugs, Bossard is bound to meet your specific application needs. Listed below are some of our product solutions. The product images shown are for illustration purposes only.

To find out more about our product solutions, do contact us at pd.asiapacific@bossard.com.


Cable Glands
Cable Gland

  • Reduces assembly time of up to 85% and cost
  • Allows assembly in a non-accessible location with its one direction assembly design
  • Increases productivity with one less line to order

Cable Ties
Cable Tie

  • Provides cost-effective means of cable and wire management while complying with superior specifications
  • Prevents accidental removal with lock
  • Possesses UL94 V2 flammability rating

Nylon Conduits
Nylon Conduit

  • Extreme flexibility and high fatigue life
  • High resistance to solvents and oils
  • UL94 V2 flame retardant certification and self-extinguishing

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